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Easy Fit Smartphone Alarm System Wireless Door / Window Contact with External Input

The WEB ID Australia Easy Fit Smart Phone Alarm System Wireless Door / Window contact reed switch with external input.

Distinguished by its long battery life, the lithium battery-powered contact monitors the opening/closing of doors and windows and alerts the security system to potential dangers. Slimmer and shorter than the original design, blends naturally into home décor and become less noticeable for the intruder looking to destroy the sensors. The models’ extension terminals for connection to wired devices enable them to serve as universal transmitters.


  • Powered by a pre-inserted lithium battery for easy installationn
  • Mounted on door or window frames
  • Extension terminals for connection to wired devices
  • Serve as universal transmitters
  • Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized removal, sabotage or unsteady installation
  • Randomized supervision signals for system integrity checks and troubleshooting
  • Low battery detection
  • LED serving as a fault and test mode indicator
  • Compliant with CE requirements
  • Long battery lifey

Wireless alarm door window contact reed switch