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WEB ID Basic (Free)

WEB ID Basic Online Monitoring - Included with all sensors for FREE!

WEB ID Basic is a network centric monitoring and notification system dedicated to WEB ID Wireless Sensors. The system allows for complete configuration and customization at a sensor, local network, or client wide level. WEB ID Basic allows for management of notification parameters such as time and frequency of alerts to a single email address.


  • 1 user account for system configuration, monitoring and notifications.
  • Sensor heartbeats (check-ins) down to 2 hours.
    • Timed sensors (i.e. temp) check against alert thresholds every 20 mins. Not user set-able.
    • Triggered sensors (i.e. motion, door/window, etc.) record data as it happens, regardless of heartbeat.
  • Basic sensor configuration options.
  • Email notifications sent from the system when sensor thresholds are exceeded.
  • Sensor data is stored for 45 days.
  • Accessible via Internet from anywhere

* Requires a wireless gateway, wireless sensors and internet access.



Part No



WEB ID Basic


Free Basic wireless sensor limited configurations
allowing for heartbeats down to 2 hrs.
Includes email notifications to one user account only.