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Centrally Managed Wireless Rodent Detection

Take the guess work out of rodent detection with WEB ID. Now you can pinpoint the exact location of rodent activity and tailor your baiting program to suit.

With WEB ID you will recieve notifications via email or SMS of the point of rodent movement without manual investigation. Full management of the wireless sensor network is via a web portal giving you a centrally managed solution across all of your sites and locations.

Instantly recieve notification of the exact location of rodent movement on your phone or computer.


The benefits for this all new technology are endless:

  • Add Rodent movement detection to any enclosed bait station
    • Investigate remotely points of high rodent activity
    • Tailor you bait box locations to the highest activity points

and much much more......

Wireless rodent detection
Wireless rodent detection

WEB ID Rodent Sensor Specifications

  • Operating Frequency 433 MHz
    • Replaceable 3.0V Coin Cell or AA Batteries
    • Passive Infrared Technology
    • CE and ETSI certified
    • User defined conditions for alerts and notifications
    • Immediate notification if there is motion within the trap