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Wireless Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring Solution

Protect your pharmaceutical stock in real-time

Don’t risk your business profitability and reputation by failing to adequately protect and monitor the temperature of your medical goods storage.

We have the perfect wireless Pharmaceutical temperature monitoring solution, fully automated for real-time drugs and medicine temperature protection monitoring.

24/7 Wireless Temperature Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Stock

With real-time temperature monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week you can rest easy about the heath of your stock. The WEB ID wirless pharmaceutical temperature monitoring solution will protect your inventory by alerting you via email, SMS or auditable alarm if any of your stock is at risk.

Automated HACCP Safety Compliance

Our solutions will generate a complete record of your temperature history in a format that is safety reporting compliant.
No more paperwork! No more recording of temperatures in Pharmaceutical refrigerated areas - it is all done for you.

Automated Pharmaceutical Temperature Monitoring

WEB ID takes all the work out of safety compliance and duty of care by managing your highly perishable pharmaceutical stock for you. All this for a small up front investment and low monthly access fees.

This solution will save you money!

How the wireless Healthcare temperature monitoring works

The WEB ID wirless temperature monitoring solution consists of a receiver that communicates to wireless temperature sensors. A single receiver can connect to anything from 1 to 99 wireless temperature sensors, with multiple receiver configurations available.

The receiver is pre-configured to communicate to our live cloud based management software required to monitor each wireless temperature sensor, produce history reports, alert if any sensor records a temperature that is outside you pre-determined safe zone.

The real-time temperature sensor status is available to be viewed on any PC or mobile device connected to the internet giving you world wide access to your solution at any time.

Temperature monitoring for the Pharmaceutical industry

WEB ID wireless pharmaceutical temperature monitoring solution has been tested and proven in the Pharmaceutical Industry to ensure that your installation is perfectly designed for your workplace environment.

Wireless temperature monitoring solutions are available for the Pharmaceutical, Restaurant, Cold Storage, Transport and Healthcare industries.

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Wireless pharmaceutical temperature monitoring solution

Unbeatable benefits

  • Low monthly SMS Alert Service fee
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring of your refrigerated stock
  • Instant alerts of any stock being stored outside the safe temperature range
  • Safety compliance reports downloadable at any time ready for any health inspection.
  • Add more wireless sensors as your business grows
  • Simple finance options available
  • 100% tax deductible rental payments
  • “Off Balance Sheet” renting, meaning it won't affect your ability to borrow for future expansion

National Vaccine Storage Guidelines

Let WEB ID manage your Vaccine storage temperature requirements!

Strive for 5 national vaccine storage guidelines

Wireless pharmaceutical temperature monitoring solution