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WEB ID The Leader In Wireless Sensor Monitoring Australia

WEB ID Systems wireless temperature monitoring Australia are an innovative leader in wireless sensor monitoring solutions in Australasia. Our solutions are flexible and scalable for temperature monitoring, asset management, door and movement, refrigerated and heated assets whether they be food, beverage, medical or dry goods storage and much much more.

The range of sensors from WEB ID Systems Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia is extensive from temperature sensors, humidity, door open / close, refrigerant gas leak, water presence, motion and asset security. The whole solution runs on a website hosted server giving you the freedom to monitor and manage your sensors and alerts anywhere where you have an internet connection - no software required.

Alerts can be received via Email, SMS or Voice messages giving you the option of instant notification whenever and wherever your equipment or assets need attention.

Don't lose your refrigerated stock with power or equipment failure - the WEB ID Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia solution will instantly notify you if your stock is outside the safe storage temperature zone.

We specialise in delivering wireless sensor solutions and have the most advanced and affordable solutions available on the market. Your business asset management is made easy with WEB ID wireless sensor solutions.



NATA traceable sensor calibration certificates

NATA Traceable Sensor Calibration Certificates

WEB ID offers the option of NATA traceable sensor calibration certificates with any sensor. All certification is carried out by an independent NATA certified calibration company and sensors are provided with a calibration certificate for Food Handling, Perishable Goods and Pharmaceutical goods and vaccines.

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Wireless Sensors For All Applications

With over 50 sensor types WEB ID Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia solutions can monitor, record and alert if your stock or assets require attention in any application.
Here are just two examples:

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia

Perfect for the hospitality and cold storage industries WEB ID Systems Australia can monitor the temperature of your refrigerated stock in fridges, glass displays, coolrooms and freezers.

All of the temperature recoding data logs are HACCP compliant as well giving you total piece of mind. Never lose stock again from equipment or power failures, the 24/7 WEB ID Systems wireless sensor solution will instantly notify you as soon as the temperatures have exceeded the safe storage zone.

Motion and Open / Close doors:

With WEB ID Systems Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia you can place wireless motion or open / close door sensors within your business place.

Now you can protect or manage the movements within a room, or how many times your refrigerator door is left open delivering security and knowledge management.

Huge Range of Sensors:

WEB ID has many more applications in the field today including: water temperature monitoring, equipment maintenance alerts, air-conditioning management, cold chain transport, medicine and vaccine temperature management, food stock receipt temperature management just to name a few.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia



Solutions For Any Industry

Our wireless sensor solutions are suitable for a large range of industry type applications including hospitality, healthcare, mobile refrigeration, cold transport, cold storage, pharmaceutical, medical research, food chains, property management, security and even air conditioning environmental control.

WEB ID Wireless Temperature Monitoring solutions are adaptable to a host of environments and workplace conditions with a huge range of stock and custom sensors available. Every solution has the ease of use over the web from anywhere in the world giving you true real-time control from anywhere you have internet access even from your tablet or mobile phone.

No PC hardware or software is required, the solution is portable, flexible and easy to operate.

Transport wireless temperature sensors



Manage Your Assets From Anywhere

Because the WEB ID Systems Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia software is hosted live on the internet you can view, edit and management your data from anywhere you have an internet connection on a PC, Tablet or mobile phone.

This unique feature also means you don't have to install software onto your own PC's to use the solution, everything is hosted on the web.

We provide you with your own personalised access to your solution with a simple login, now from work, home or out in the field you can access your wireless sensor solution. We even have a mobile site for a quick overview of your sensor status from your phone.

The simple to use interface will give you easy to operate and view data on your sensor network, management and control of their operating parameters and set up of notifications and alerts.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia


Alert Notifications and Options

WEB ID Systems offer multiple alert and notifications options to suit how you operate, the sensitivity of the assets being monitored and your availability.

All alerts can be sent via an email, SMS or Voice message detailing the sensor network in question, the time the event has occurred, the sensor that has detected the event and the reading detected. This gives you everything you need to act and respond to the event accordingly.

The sensors can be programmed to be active on certain days, time periods or always on as required, with options on how to stay aware of the event, reminders and notifications once actions have corrected the alert event. Alerts of internet and power failure on the site are also a valuable option.

Everything is easy to program and WEB ID Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia will assist and guide you through each step to get the very best out of your wireless sensor management solution.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Australia